Congratulations to Emmanuel, Bobby and Albert on finding this 1st G.Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company Jingle Bell Rock!


The first Jingle Bell Rock was found along the Linear Trail walking path under the Big Blue River Bridge. There’s a parking lot and a boat ramp access area there right off Highway 24. Here’s how the clues led you there.

Clue 1:

Watching and waiting on that holiday clock,

Ringing in the hunt for the old Jingle Bell Rock.

Just like the last we’ll hide not one rock but two,

Clues to find one rock then clues we’ll redo

Rule of the game: Lets the players know that the clues will be for the first rock then the second, not at the same time.

Clue 2:

Two rocks hidden safely like holiday twins,

Many searches start but only two will be wins.

In order to find either of these fine Christmas scores,

You’ll have to start searching but only outdoors.

Rule of the game: Keep your hunt in outdoor areas only.

Clue 3:

To complete your search you’ll need no tools,

But you will need to keep following Santa’s Jingle Bell Rules.

While Donner is donning and Dasher is dashing,

Keep your search all in public no need for trespassing.

Rule of the game: The rock will be found on public property.

Clue 4:

One final rule for your Jingle Bell guides,

Then its off to find where the Rock Jingle Bell hides.

As you look high and low with efforts painstaking,

Please be proper elves and please do no breaking.

Rule of the game: Don’t do any damage while searching for the rock. Be nice, it’s Christmas.

Clue 5:

The hunt’s rules are all set and it’s time to embark,

Load up that Christmas truckster like at Grizwold named Clark.

The old front wheel drive sleigh is off and zooming,

Fire up that search east of all the booming.

Rules are set and it’s time for the hunt! All the fire and booming reference Fort Riley, keep the search to the east.

Clue 6:

The Rock is still hiding as we start week number two,

Each day a step closer to putting those prizes in view.

For your search to be one that victory brings,

Keep looking in places that do many things.

The area where the rock was found has a boat ramp, walking/running/biking trail, and is used for a great many recreation activities all year.

Clue 7:

Back and forth in your mind with the clues you will volley,

Always the goal of a Christmas so jolly.

Too far from the goal you can’t stray,

There’s always something there to help in finding the way.

Finding the way is a reference to “wayfinding” which is a term that refers to signage that helps you find your way from place to place. In this case it’s a reference to the large wayfinding signage that is in the area where the rock was found.

Clue 8:

Eight tiny reindeer and eight jingle clues,

Minding the way you’re pointing your shoes.

With each Christmas step the closer you get,

Use some care you could end up wet.

Minding your feet is a reference to the walking path, and that it’s located right next to water, in this case the Big Blue River.

Clue 9:

This time of year is accompanied by song,

The perfect ones could help your search along.

A certain king could keep the hunt humming.

Especially if you double up on the drumming.

Beginning of the clue references “ones” which would be more than one Christmas song. First, the king is an Elvis reverence and Blue Christmas could give you a hint to the Big Blue River. Double up the drumming would take the 12 drummers drumming and make that 24, which is the highway that crosses where the river and linear trail access point is.

Clue 10:

Keep those searches running and watch out for the blues,

Just keep lining up each one of the Jingle Bell clues.

With your eyes pointed under the top of your nose,

Right near the two dozen where everyone goes.

All the hints of the week in one clue! Running for the running path, blues for Big Blue River, lining up the clues would be “linear thinking”, the top of your nose is the “bridge”, and the two dozen is 24.

The hunt for rock #2 begins Monday Dec. 17th!

Listen each morning in the 7am hour for a daily clue. Use the clues to lead you on the search for the Jingle Bell Rocks.

If you miss the morning’s clue – they are available at sponsor locations after 10am. Full week of clues will be updated here Fridays after 5pm.

As always, the Jingle Bell Rock will be hidden outside and on public property. Anyone caught trespassing or damaging property will automatically be disqualified. Click here for a full list of Jingle Bell Rock rules

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