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The first Jingle Bell Rock was found on Friday 12/13 at Washington Marlatt Park in Manhattan near a picnic table area.  Here’s how the clues got you there.

Tuesday 12/3/19 – Clue #1

The waiting is over it’s our favorite time of the year!
The search for the Jingle Bell Rock is now here.

You’ll get closer to prizes with each passing clue.
Here’s how it works we hide rock one, then rock two.

  • First we hide one rock, then once it’s found we hide the second

Wednesday 12/4/19 – Clue #2

Finding a rock will make joy like Ebenezer’s new morning.
Today’s clue works for you like old Marley’s warning.

Take heed as you look for the places a rock will be hidden.
Keep your searching outside, searching inside is forbidden.

  • The rock is hidden outside

Thursday 12/5/19 – Clue #3

Rudolph’s red nose is a guide for the jolly old elf and his sleigh.
For you it’s the clues that will light the way.

It’s time to set out out Jingle Bell looking around.
There’s no need for trespassing the Rock is stashed on public ground

  • Don’t trespass! The Rock is on public property.

Friday 12/6/19 – Clue #4

Uncovering the Jingle Bell Rock would be your best Christmas Story.
There’s one more big rule on this run to Christmas glory.

Don’t go causing damage, keep your moves quick and agile.
Be nice to people and places like they are all marked Fragile.

  • Be nice and don’t damage property during your search.

Monday 12/9/19 – Clue #5

Week number 2 and you know all the rules.
From here on out the clues work like tools.

Let’s start at the top like it’s our Christmas duty.
Keep your search south of the line she’s a beauty.

  • “The Tubes” sang the song “She’s a Beauty”.  Keep your search south of “The Tubes” at Tuttle Creek Lake.

Tuesday 12/10/19 – Clue #6

To sneak down the chimney old St Nick surely shrinks.
These searching hints do the same one surely thinks.

Yesterday gave you the up, now how about the down.
You shouldn’t be passing the biggest guy in town.

  • The down sets a bottom or south boundary to your search.  The biggest guy in town refers to Johnny Kaw in Manhattan City Park.

Wednesday 12/11/19 – Clue #7

So how goes the hunt with all these Jingle Bell clues?
Getting closer to the prize, or still needing more Jingle Bell news?

Here’s a new hint if you’re searching alone or with a Jingle Bell flock.
You’ll know you’re getting close from a completely different rock.

  • Key to this clue is the final line.  The entrance to Washington Marlatt Park is marked with a large stone sign.

Thursday 12/12/19 – Clue #8

It’s so much holiday fun these Yuletide games and greeting.
The clues are read just once, but some worth repeating.

So good boys and girls, not naughty but nice.
You’ll read things once, but really need to see them twice.

  • To be specific, both entrances to Washington Marlatt Park are marked with large stone signs.  So you won’t read it once, you’ll read it twice as the signs “repeat themselves” within a very short distance

Friday 12/13/19 – Clue #9

Can you feel the pace changing like the rock is quite near?
Coming into sight like a red nosed reindeer?

If your search is truly Christmas astute.
Well then you’d notice the destination is the route.

  • The rock was located at a picnic area “quite near” the second sign for Washington Marlatt Park.  The destination “Washington Marlatt Park” is also the route to get there “Marlatt Avenue”.


Rock Number 2 was found on Friday 12/20 at the Wamego Recreation Complex by the tennis courts.
Here’s how the clues got you there.

Monday 12/16/19 – Clue #10

Search number two begins with a blanket of new fallen snow.
So as you are searching be sure to take it slow.

Again pay close attention to what the clues are saying.
You’ll want to be safe in the games that you’re playing.

  • What a snow we had on Sunday! It gave that rock some serious cover.  The key to this clue would be “games you’re playing” as there are areas for baseball, softball, soccer, tennis and more on site.

Tuesday 12/17/19 – Clue #11

The search always goes on even when the weather is cruddy.
We’ll keep our spirits up singing songs like good elf Buddy.

To put all these prizes in your Jingle Bell stocking,
You’ll want to circle up on your Jingle Bell walking.

  • Around the perimeter of the Wamego Recreation Complex is a walking path.

Wednesday 12/18/19 – Clue #12

Sound the alarm for our twelfth Christmas clue.
Are you feeling more Grinch or more Cindy Lou?

If this Jingle Bell riddle you’re aiming to crack.
Look for a spot with plenty of over and back.

  • Plenty of over and back is a tennis reference.  That got you closer.

Thursday 12/19/19 – Clue #13

Less than a week until Christmas and and our search is still going.
The snow is melting, and that rock could be showing.

Where is it hiding, where could it be?
Just like St. Nick, I’d check by the tree.

  • The tennis courts are surrounded by Christmas trees!  The rock nestled under one of them.

Friday 12/20/19 – Clue #14

Christmas plans are being made from the west to the east.
Did you grab your Who hash and that slab of roast beast?

Push all the twos clues together as the weekend starts zooming.
It will take courage, and smarts, and a heart that is booming.

  • This clue was the big hint to look in Wamego.  Courage, smarts, and a heart are of course a reference to the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man which would get you thinking Wizard of OZ.  And booming is a reference to “Boomtown” which would put you at the Wamego Recreation Complex for the fireworks show.

Merry Christmas and good luck next year!