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The 2020 Jingle Bell Rock Clues

The Jingle Bell Rock was found along the edge of the Linear Trail walking path.  Not far from the Anderson Avenue entrance where the trail cuts back behind the Plaza West Shopping Center.  Here is how then clues got you there.


Tuesday 12/01/2020 – Clue #1 

That sound that you hear means it’s time once again. The jingling of of bells as your search for the rock will begin. 

Each year brings joy, prizes, and fun. As for the winners, this year there will be only one. 

-There is only one rock to search for this year


Wednesday 12/02/2020 – Clue #2 

To find the old rock use these clues as your tools. Both guiding your way and providing the rules. 

While your search may be merry and jolly and wide. This old elf guarantees that the rock will be found safely outside. 

-The rock will be located outside


Thursday 12/03/2020 – Clue #3 

The old elf arrives with now Clue number three. Guiding your search to be the very best it can be. 

You’re safely out side, with searching options abound. Now do no trespassing, search just public ground. 

-The rock is on public property


Friday 12/04/2020 – Clue #4 

Forget the sugar plumbs, our dreams are of Christmas prizes. The old Jingle Bell Rock though, is full of surprises. 

Your Jingle Bell search requires untangling all of the Jingle Bell leads. But do us a favor, no breaking, no damaging, no Jingle misdeeds. 

-Don’t do any damage during your search


Monday 12/07/2020 – Clue #5 

Hark, that sound that you hear is the beginning of week number two. The first four set the rules now there’s searching to do. 

So here are four more to keep your search from going adrift. Think of them like a container, one for a gift.

-A container for a gift is a box.  The next 4 clues will make a box for you to search inside


Tuesday 12/08/2020 – Clue #6 

These clues are like boxes waiting under the tree. Inside the box now that is the key. 

Our last rock was found in a place with a road bright and yellow. This time around that’s too far to the east for this jolly good fellow. 

-Places an eastern boundary at the place with a yellow brick road where the rock was found last year.  That eastern boundary is Wamego


Wednesday 12/09/2020 – Clue #7 

With 8 tiny reindeer good old Santa Claus rides. Clue number seven will give you two sides. 

Search high and search low, search here and search there. Search up from the park that is certainly fair. 

-Up from the park that is fair, so the southern boundary is Fairmont Park in Manhattan


Thursday 12/10/2020 – Clue #8 

You’re set to the east, and we gave you the floor. Now dear elves let’s give you one more. 

Look to the west and keep that front wheel drive sleigh running straight. But you’d best hit the brakes when should the view get too great. 

-Too great of view in your car would be “Scenic Drive”.  That is the western boundary


Friday 12/11/2020 – Clue #9 

On Dasher, On Dancer, hey Prancer you too. Flying on to the finish of this week number two. 

Let’s wrap up this gift to make sure you know where you’re going. You’ve hit on the top where the water stops flowing. 

-The top of the box, or northern boundary is where the water stops flowing. Tuttle Creek Dam.


Monday 12/14/2020 – Clue #10 

Take eight tiny reindeer then add Rudolph in too. Don’t forget Santa which makes 10 like this clue. 

Have you figured the rhymes? Are your chances improving? To again help you out, make sure you keep moving. 

-Movement is a key to the clues, directing you to a walking path.


Tuesday 12/15/2020 – Clue #11 

Overflowing with cheer and so many great songs to sing. Cue up Elvis and Nat and Burl and Bing. 

Much like your search, there are so many options for you. As for those choices, try maybe one of two. 

-Along the Linear Trail there are distance markers.  The rock was not too far from one that was a half mile indicator.  1/2, one of two.


Wednesday 12/16/2020 – Clue #12 

It’s the 12th day of Christmas clues, but we’ll keep our gifts plain. Taking care of all those birds could be quite the drain. 

So we will fill up your days with all these Christmas deductions. You’re getting closer when you find the instructions. 

-At the entrance to Linear Trail there are signs telling you where the trail goes, and the rules for it.  So there are trail “instructions” at the Anderson Ave entrance which got you again closer.


Thursday 12/17/2020 – Clue #13 

Still full of spirt and fun, not Grinches in the slightest. The search twinkles on for the Christmas best and the brightest. 

There’s a certainly a method to all this rhyming and text. Just take one clue and place it after the next. 

-One step that leads to the next step is a “linear” way of thinking or doing.  


Friday 12/18/2020 – Clue #14 

Will this be the day that the Jingle Bell Rock comes a calling? Has your search been quite narrow or one that is sprawling? 

Straight from our heart come all these fine Christmas pledges. As for your search, you might try the edges. 

-Three parts to one word of this clue.  The rock was located just off the trail so the edge of the trail.  And Linear Trail runs around the “edge” of Manhattan.  And the particular part of the trail was near the southern boundary or “edge” of your search box.


Monday 12/21/2020 – Clue #15 

Will this be the day that the Jingle Bell Rock comes a calling? Has your search been quite narrow or one that is sprawling? 

You’ve got all those clues, but it takes a little more. Listen to the jingle, the rumble, and the roar.

-“Listen to the jingle, the rumble, and the roar” are lyrics from the Wabash Cannonball.  That’s an obvious KSU reference.  The portion of Linear Trail where the rock was found is near Wildcat Creek.  So if you had an idea of Linear Trail from the prior clues, you had a better idea of what stretch of if if you added this “little more” to the other clues.


Tuesday 12/22/2020 – Clue #16

So very close, is that bells that you hear? The hustle and bustle of all this Christmas cheer.

To claim the Christmas loot as the one who wins all.  The gate to the goods is the Ave. not the Hall.

-The Ave not the Hall is a reference to “Anderson”.  There is a gate at the entrance to Linear Trail on Anderson Avenue.


Wednesday 12/23/2020 – Clue #17

So very late last night, we just had to go look.  And we saw that old rock still hidden in its nook.

You should know the street that puts you hot on the trail.  It all ties together, now go out and prevail.

-Confirms that the rock is still out there, Santa went to go look.  The “street” that puts you hot on the “trail” is Anderson from yesterday, which is the entrance to Linear Trail.  The rock was siting in the nook of a couple downed rail road ties along the side of the trail, which is one of the many ways it “ties” together.