The Jingle Bell Rock has been found!  Congratulations to the Mulleneaux family, who found the Jingle Bell Rock along the Scouts Trail in Warner Memorial Park.


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The 2021 Jingle Bell Rock Clues and how they led to the Rock:

Monday 12/06/21 – Clue #1 

It arrives with a joyous boom of bright Christmas cheer. The holiday search for the Jingle Bell Rock is finally here. 

So just stack all the clues to unlock the puzzle of this fine Christmas rhyme. Only one winner will find the rock, maybe this year is your time. 

Announces the start of the contest, and mentions “stacking the clues”, the rock’s final location was due north or “stacked” on the first clue that gave you a location.


Tuesday 12/07/21 – Clue #2 

Each daily clue will help you on your Jingle Bell way. Guiding your search like a red nose in front of your sleigh. 

Where in the land does this piece of Christmas stone hide? Search where you can hear my voice, but only outside. 

Rules clue, the rock will be found outside


Wednesday 12/08/21 – Clue #3 

The clues now number three just like Ebenezer’s ghosts. Just like edges have boundaries often set down with posts. 

With all the outdoor land your search may now be canvassing. Keep your search to public spaces, and do no trespassing. 

Rules clue, the rock is on public property


Thursday 12/09/21 – Clue #4 

If Buddy the Elf asks, our favorite color is green. Like the color of cash once that Jingle Bell Rock has been seen. 

To prevent being disqualified from this game, we have simple advice. Don’t damage or break things, just play polite and Jingle Bell nice. 

Rules clue, the trespassing or damaging property will disqualify you.


Friday 12/10/21 – Clue #5 

The rules are now set, your Christmas balances and checks. The game is quite simple, while also complex. 

Some clues act as guides to make your search a little more clear. Let’s start with a base of a park that is part deer. 

The first location…and where rock was “stacked”.  Puts the bottom or or base of your search at Stagg Hill Park.


Monday 12/13/21 – Clue #6 

The sun now rises on Jingle Bell week number two. The excitement of the search is really beginning to brew. 

If the sunrise was a stop instead of a start. Running past where you turn blue wouldn’t be very smart. 

Sets the eastern edge of your search as the Blue River.


Tuesday 12/14/21 – Clue #7 

Are you now sleeping with visions of sugar plumbs dancing? A great Christmas dream with your search now advancing. 

If the top of the map is your next holiday study. You’d best keep on down from an old moose’s buddy. 

The top of the map, or your search, is old the old moose buddy, “Rocky”.  So south of Rocky Ford.


Wednesday 12/15/21 – Clue #8 

Just like Saint Nick’s reindeer, our clues now number eight. The jingle is closer we just can’t hardly wait! 

If it’s the western most edge about which we’re talking. Your limit is three when it comes to the stocking.

This sets the western edge of the search.  If you go fishing at Anneberg park, the stocked pond has a limit of 3 fish.


Thursday 12/16/21 – Clue #9 

Another clue closer to that famous Jingle Bell sighting. But linking those clues is tricky like Clark’s Christmas lighting. 

If you’ve drawn out the clues you might find a square. Keep those eyes on the prize and your feet inside there. 

Lets you know if you extend the 4 locations you now have a box to search inside.


Friday 12/17/21 – Clue #10 

Finishing week number two on our search for holiday prizes. No Grinches in sight just hearts up three sizes. 

Dash away to the weekend with this Jingle Bell scoop. The search doesn’t end it starts with a loop. 

Warner Park Road runs into Warner Park, and ends in a “loop”.  At the end of that loop is the beginning of Scouts Trail, marked by a sign.  The Jingle Bell Rock was found along that trail.