Since 1950, Manhattan Broadcasting has been proud to serve the community.  Keeping you informed and entertained while also supporting and providing a platform for local business, philanthropy, and events.  Now more than ever it’s essential to support the area and to “Be Local”.  There are 3 easy steps:


1: Shop Local – spend your dollars with locally owned small business

2: Give Local – make your donations have a local impact

3: Live Local – visit local events, attractions, and happenings


KMAN, K-Rock, B104.7, Z96.3, and Sunny 102.5 are ready to be part of the comeback.  We’re donating free of charge the “Be Local” campaign on all 5 of our stations.  It’s an effort to help local business and philanthropy as well as remind people of the awesome things happening in the place we’ve called home for 70 years.  If you’d like to be included, it’s as simple as reaching out to  For us to continue to provide essential news, weather, sports, and music content we need a comeback for everyone. We’re here to be the start for you.

Always local, and always open for you since 1950.

Your Friends at Manhattan Broadcasting.