The Jingle Bell Rock has been found!

Congratulations to Keenan and Lauren who found the Jingle Bell Rock Wednesday morning!  The rock was found along Western Heritage Trail out in the Rocky Ford area. Thanks to all our sponsors who helped make an amazing contest!  Merry Christmas!

Our sponsors include:

G Thomas Jewelers – Godfrey’s Indoor Ranges and Tactical Supply – Hy-Vee – Kia of Manhattan – BD4 Distributing – Qdoba – Spirits of 76 in Wamego – Midstate Mechanical – Karsmizki Locksmith – Wildcat Fitness and Fun – kstate CREDIT UNION – Manhattan Area Technical College – Furniture Warehouse – Beds for Less


Here’s how the clues led Keenan and Lauren to the Jingle Bell Rock:


Monday 12/05/2022 – Clue #1 

The clock finally strikes after many a tick and a tock.
Time once again to begin the search for the Jingle Bell Rock. 

Each day brings a clue to aid your holiday looking around.
You’ll need only these clues for the Jingle Bell Rock to be found. 

  • Clues 1 through 4 explain the rules.


Tuesday 12/06/2022 – Clue #2 

This holiday riddle has these daily clues as your Christmas guides. First, we set the rules for where this Jingle Bell Rock Christmas hides. 

As you venture out for your hunt on these days of bright Yules.
Keep those searches outdoors, inside breaks the rules. 

  • Clues 1 through 4 explain the rules.


Wednesday 12/07/2022 – Clue #3 

Each year the Rock arrives taking the holidays to new heights. Kind of like Clark lighting all of his imported Italian twinkling lights. 

Look high and look low as the Jingle Bell hunt is at hand. But to stay inside the rules, keep that search on public land. 

  • Clues 1 through 4 explain the rules.


Thursday 12/08/2022 – Clue #4 

When a clue reveals a rule it may seem a Jingle Bell teaser. But it’s important to play in the spirit of Santa not Ebenezer. 

Your search will unwind all the clues like a bow or a ribbon. Should your searching do any damage or breaking you’re disqualified, and that’s no fibbin’. 

  • Clues 1 through 4 explain the rules.


Friday 12/09/2022 – Clue #5 

The first 4 riddles set rules, now it’s time for 4 with intent. Think of the shape that a gift might present. 

If your search is a quest for your holiday band. Don’t push to the left of a spot that’s quite grand. 

  • Clue 5 set the shape of a gift is a box. This set the “left” or western boundary. Quite “Grand” referred to Grand Mere.


Monday 12/12/2022 – Clue #6 

On Dasher on Dancer, it’s week number two of these clues! Each day brings you closer to your Jingle Bell good news. 

To keep keep your search from straying as eastward it lumbers. I wouldn’t go past where you track of all the numbers.

  • Clue 6 set the east boundary.  You’d keep track of the numbers in a spreadsheet. Eastern boundary is “Excel” Rd.


Tuesday 12/13/2022 – Clue #7 

Welcome back Jingle Bell friends to clue number seven. Wishing your search a success like a home alone Kevin. 

Though your search may come down to the detail that is smallest. You might head on up from the tale that is tallest. 

  • Clue 7 set the bottom of the box or southern boundary.  Head “up” from the tallest tale.  In Manhattan the tallest tale told is that of Johnny Kaw.  The statue is the southern boundary.


Wednesday 12/14/2022 – Clue #8 

Fragile or Frah-Gee-Lay be careful not to tip it. If you figured out seven, eight will now flip it. 

This Jingle Bell mystery sure makes you struggle and think. Don’t get too worked up and knock over your drink. 

  • Clue 8 sets the northern boundary, or the “flip” of clue 7.  Knocking over your drink would be “spilling” it.  Northern boundary was the spillway at Tuttle Creek Lake.


Thursday 12/15/2022 – Clue #9 

When the Rock is joyously found your heart grows three sizes. You wallet grows too with all the cash and the prizes. 

If you’ve forgotten the script, the last 4 are your lines. The Rock is all nestled within those confines. 

  • Clue 9 reinforces that the last 4 were boundary lines to keep your search inside of.  Nestled also became important when the rock was found, as it was set inside a nook of other rocks.


Friday 12/16/2022 – Clue #10 

As we close week number 2, Christmas is just 9 days away. Santa and his elves singing carols as they load up the sleigh. 

The stockings are hung, the lights are all glowing. There’s more than one key to find where you’re going. 

  • Clue 10 let you know there was more than one way to find where you’re going.  There are 2 different entrances to Rocky Ford area one from each side of the water, both with some way finding signs.


Monday 12/19/2022 – Clue #11 

Week number three brings more clues for your Christmas quest. Did you follow the hints or have you just guessed? 

You might need a pause with such high holiday stakes. You could check in between spots for one or two breaks. 

  • Clue 11 was made the exact search more clear.  Taking a pause is to take a rest, the rock was found in the stretch of trail between 2 benches.


Tuesday 12/20/2022 – Clue #12 

Tis the season for prizes as we deck the halls. Will the Rock now arrive before the temperature falls? 

This hunt is historic, and this one might be the best. For our contest it’s north but also it’s west. 

  • Clue 12 had two hints to the trail name and location.  One is “Historic” which would be “heritage”.  The second was that the Rocky Ford area is in the northern part of the search, and it is home to “Western Heritage” trail.


Wednesday 12/21/2022 – Clue #13 

Each clue has a way of pointing a path for your feet. They also have a rhyme, a rhythm, or beat. 

Some days are a quite sly like fox on socks on box. Maybe this one’s more simple like rock’s at rock in rocks. 

  • Clue 13 was the final clue before the rock was found.  2 hints here, first Sylvester Stallone or “Sly” “Boxed” in the movie “Rocky”. That one was more tricky.  The second made the location simpler, the 3 rocks.  Jingle Bell Rock, at Rocky Ford, in the rock pile on the trail.  Rock’s at rock, in rocks.