The hunt for the Jingle Bell Rock Presented by

G. Thomas Jewelers, Godfrey’s Indoor Ranges and Tactical Supply, & Hy-Vee

has ended!


From L-R: Christina Brown, Hannah Benoit, Jeramy Brown and Raelynn Brown

Congratulations to Christina Brown and her family Hannah, Raelynn, and Jeramy! The rock was found between Bishop Stadium and one of the ball fields in CiCo Park in Manhattan.

Check out the clue breakdown below to see what each clue meant. You can also click here to read how Christina Brown and family deciphered the clues to find the rock.

Clue Breakdown

Week 1:

Clue #1:“‘Tis the season once more draws near, to seek the Jingle Bell Rock without fear.

Each day a clue bestowed a festive font guiding your hunt through clues in this holiday’s joyful jaunt.”

We will give you a clue every week day to help guide you to the Jingle Bell Rock’s secret location.


Clue #2: “In the yuletide quest daily clues we give to guide your hunt through the snow, before you embark the rules we must sow.

Outdoors is your realm in December’s festive chase, inside is forbidden a rule you must embrace.”

We will explain the rules before the hunt begins. The rock will be outdoors.


Clue #3: “The Jingle Bell Rock a yearly delight, with prizes grand sparkling in the night.

On public grounds, your search takes flight, trespass not or disqualifications bite.”

The rock will be on public property, trespassing will disqualify you.


Clue #4: “Turning rules to clues a twist quite sly, yet vital they are don’t let their value fly.

Respect the spaces keep their cheer intact. Damage and breaking, that’s a swift disqualifying act.”

Respect property and the land you hunt on, and do not break anything.


Clue #5: “The first four clues laid the groundwork it’s clear, now the true spirit of adventure is in the festive atmosphere.

Look to the left like in the days of old, it’s time to seek the Jingle Bell Rock. Let the holiday tale unfold.”

The “look to the left” means that the rock is on the West side of Manhattan. On a map, West would be off to the left side.


Week 2:

Clue #6: “Week two begins with a clue to behold, bringing you nearer to treasures untold.

Cast your gaze where the creek winds to the south, In the holiday hunt, follow the festive route.”

We set a soft southern boundary, with the rock being north of Wildcat Creek.


Clue #7: “A new day brings a clue, narrowing the array, follow along, as choices shrink in the holiday fray.

Giving a garland, where festive feelings embark, put your car in park, embrace the holiday’s sweet remark.”

Garland is another word for Wreath, as Wreath Ave is next to CiCo Park. This also sets the eastern boundary.


Clue #8: “In the festive game, where joy is akin, give it a kick and let the merriment begin.

Amidst the mirth, all around the spot, your holiday search, where joy is sought.”

We reference Football, as the rock was located between Bishop Stadium and one of CiCo Park’s ball fields. This clue also encourages you to look “all around the spot”.


Clue #9: “With every dawn, each soul draws near, to find the Jingle Bell Rock, a holiday cheer.

A hall, not too distant it stands, in the festive quest, let its presence be your guiding hand.”

This is about Pottorff Hall being nearby and also confirming that the rock is inside CiCo Park.


Clue #10: “Clues unveil, each more precise in designation, leading you closer to the holiday sensation.

Close by, spectator seats rise with grace, where titanic tilts unfold in this festive space.”

Another Football reference, this time talking about the game itself and spectators attending to watch at Bishop Stadium.


Week 3:

Clue #11: “In week three’s embrace, a festive triumph we greet, A journey unfolding, beyond imagined feat.

Across from us, where apartments and college align, in this holiday journey, let the Yuletide joy entwine.”

Heritage Ridge Apartments, and Manhattan Area Technical College are across from CiCo Park.


And congratulations to the winners of our weekly Hunting Tag Drawing: Brenda Inman, Vicki Kline, and Ryan Best!

From L-R: Brenda Inman, Vicki Kline, Ryan Best

They all won prizes including $100 in cash, assorted gift cards, and tickets to Kenny Chesney at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium!

Thanks for participating in this year’s hunt for the G. Thomas Jewelers, Godfrey’s Indoor Ranges and Tactical Supply, Hy-Vee Jingle Bell Rock.

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