Keep it Local with the businesses below!


Pfeifley Jewelers The Library Liquor
D & I Plumbing Baskin Robbins
Mid-America Piano Car Clinic


Shopping local creates jobs– local shops create local employment and self-employment. These people in turn spend in the local economy.

Local independent shops invest more in our communities– local businesses are proportionally more generous in their support of local charities, schools, and community events.  Supporting local shops means a financial contribution to your community.

Local shops sell great products at affordable prices– some people get out of the habit of shopping locally and are then surprised by the range of products available.

Shopping locally maintains our communities– people don’t like losing shops and services in small towns but don’t equate this with how they spend their money.

Local shops value your business more– people receive better care and service locally.  These businesses survive by their reputation and repeat business, which means you get a higher standard of service.